July 26

Does spending years running marathons or cycling for long distances potentially strain someone’s heart?

Two major new studies of athletes and their coronary arteries suggest that the answer may be a qualified yes. Both studies find that endurance athletes, especially men, who spend years training and competing show a surprisingly high incidence of plaques in their arteries, which can be a hallmark of cardiovascular disease. more
(by Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times, July 19, 2017)

July 15

Photos from the Lawrence Trail Hawks Snake Run at Clinton State Park. Photos below by Gary Henry.

Link to Lawrence Trailhawks Flickr slideshow.


July 9

Kansas City trail runner Todd Chandler produces nice videos of his runs. Here's his report from this year's Night Hawk (held June 24-25).

July 8

Many of the procedures people undergo to counter chronic knee pain in the hopes of avoiding a knee replacement have limited or no evidence to support them. Some enrich the pockets of medical practitioners while rarely benefiting patients for more than a few months.

I wish I had known that before I had succumbed to wishful thinking and tried them all. more
(by Jane E. Brody, July 3, 2017, New York Times)

July 7

The mile competition at the Ad Astra Moonlight Relays - Community Track Meet, at the Free State High track. July is the month of the Full Buck Moon and hence the choice of July 7th for the Moonlight Relays. more photos

17July7 Moonlight Relays

July 4

Ami Weidler-Hyten  finishing the GGRS Freedom 10K in the rain.

Ami Weidler-Hyten celebrated the 4th of July running in the rain with about a hundred other people at the Freedom 5K and 10K hosted by Garry Gribbles Running Sports. The free races were held at Sports Pavilion Lawrence, Rock Chalk Park and the Baldwin Creek Bikepath.

June 26

A belated congratulations to Miranda Clark-Ulrich for her first place female finish at the June 3rd Waldo McBurney 5K in Quinter, KS. This race celebrates the life-long fitness in memory of Quinter's most famous centenarian, Waldo McBurney. Results

June 25

The Night Hawk was held at Clinton State Park which began at 8 pm June 24. Photo shows Gary Henry finishing the 50K. See more photos captured by Mile 90 Photography. The event was sponsored by the Lawrence Trail Hawks. Results

Link to Night Hawk photos by Mile 90 Photography.

June 24

Lawrence Memorial Hospital hosted the second of the three 5Ks in the Summer Series this morning in Baldwin. Below - Heidi Johnston (Baldwin) approaching the finish line.

2017 Baldwin Summer Spray 5K.

June 23

50 years ago today , Jim Ryun set the world record in the mile at 3:51.1. That was the last time an American held the world record. ABC Sports' Jim McKay called the race.

Last evening, the Mini Mocs and TBC summer track programs held their dual meet. Photo by Sarah Beth Houser‎.

Photo of the long jump competition at the Mini Mocs vs TBC Track Club meet.


June 22

With the lead up to the 2017 Western States 100 Endurance Run reaching a fever pitch, the timing of the release of Lighting the Fire: Wrong Turns, by 9MindAsylum, about current ultrarunning star Jim Walmsley couldn’t be better. Walmsley, of course, is famous for his wrong turn at mile 92—while on a blistering course-record pace—of the 2016 Western States 100 (see also “The Legend That Could Have Been”). Walmsley is gunning to avenge that wrong turn in this year’s Western States, June 24-25, 2017.
(Mike Benge, Trail Runner, June 22, 2017)

June 20

Leaving the GPS watch at home now and again can have big payoffs.

Like many runners today, 33-year old engineer Amy Shuman never leaves home to train or race without her GPS watch. “If it’s not on the Internet, it never happened, right?” she jokes. “It’s such an easy task to put it on that I never really consider going without it.” more (by Amanda Loudin, 6/15/17, RRCA)

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