First Kansas RRCA Clubs Meeting
Blind Tiger Restaurant, Topeka KS


Attendees:  Norma Weiser (Sunflower Striders), Gary Henry (Lawrence Trail Hawks and Kansas Ultra Runners Society), Susan Robinette (Kansas City Track Club), Karen Collier (Lawrence Trail Hawks), Kelly Pfannenstiel (KC Express), Pat Melgares (Manhattan Cross Country Club), Dee Boeck (RunLawrence), Becky McClure (RunLawrence), Gene Wee (RunLawrence), Dave Provorse (Washburn University Running Club), Ben Holmes (KC Track Club/Trail Nerds), Mary Anne Durall (Sunflower Striders), Jared Durall (Sunflower Striders), Brad Rhoden (Sunflower Striders), Marla Rhoden (Sunflower Striders), Lisa Woolery (Secretary for the meeting), Janice Woolery (Kansas RRCA State Representative).

A.  Welcome

Janice Woolery, the Kansas RRCA State Representative, welcomed everyone and indicated the purpose of the meeting was to get to know each other and our clubs better.

B.        Club Presentations

1.  KC Express – Kelly Pfannenstiel, President Elect for 2011


2.  KC Track Club – Sue Robinette, President


3.  Kansas Ultra Runners Society (KUS) – Gary Henry


4.  Lawrence Trail Hawks – Gary Henry, President and Karen Collier


5.  RunLawrence - Dee Boeck


6.  Manhattan Cross Country Club – Pat Melgares, President


7.  Sunflower Striders – Topeka Running Club - Brad Rhoden, President


8.  Washburn Running Club –  Dave Provorse, President


9.  Trail Nerds – Ben Holmes, President


C.        Closing – Janice Woolery

National Award nominations, Volunteer Recognition Program, and State Championships were discussed.  The floor was opened and Gary Henry suggested an event geared around the sesquicentennial of the State of Kansas in 2011.  There was a brief discussion and the meeting was concluded.